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The Procrastinator

Posted 10/5/2016

I know from personal experience and have learnt how procrastination can be a cause of major setbacks in various areas of one’s life.  Some common excuses and reasons for procrastinating or putting things off could include; Constant aspiration, the desire for perfection, waiting for the right time, waiting for readiness etc.

What comes out of this? Lack of progress and quite often, regret.  Regret of what might have been. On observing what others have achieved or accomplished and on giving thought to what you could have accomplished, all you see is time wasted and perhaps even a sense of failure. 

Procrastination leads to a backlog and pressure especially when the due date is at hand. Add to that, the delay on action that should already have been implemented.

I personally have learnt from such an experience looking at how others have not waited for perfection but have taken on a bold stance or leap of faith and gotten on with it.

Overcoming procrastination enables better use of time, improved time management, productivity, achievement and results.

There is nothing better than simply getting things done” – “just do it”